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Victim of a Corporate Compliance Issue

by Dolores
(New York)

I quit my job. Can I collect unemployment?

I have worked for an Incorporated for Thirteen years and I enjoy my job and what I do. I always have taken pride in my work and made efforts to follow through with the vision statement, this shows in all of truly excellent agency evaluations. Unfortunately, most recently I have been bullied and harassed, which has created a hostile work environment and I can no longer continue to work due to the harassment. I have been the victim of a corporate compliance issue that I have no part in. On two separate occasions I experienced interrogations by my supervisor and her supervisor. My first interrogation was about a letter Human recourses had received from Human Resources that had been submitted anonymously. Putting it nicely, I was intensely questioned because of their assumption that I had written said letter. Afterward, things never settled. Not only did my work environment change and become hostile, so did the relationship between myself
and my direct supervisor. On numerous occasions I experienced bullying and have been talked down to by the very person in charge of motivating and leading. On 05/10/2013 I was called upon for a second round of one on one aggressive interrogating by my bosses supervisor. I have to reiterate that this was all regarding a letter that was submitted to the Human Resource department anonymously. Because of curiosity and the relentless pursuit to attach a face and name to the letter, I was falsely accused and quickly became that face and name that both my boss and her supervisor so desperately, wrongfully and aggressively sought. Not only is a
one on one questioning against corporate compliance regulations, it is unethical and ESPECIALLY disgusting due to the fact this was the result of an anonymous letter. Not only did I have nothing to do
with this letter or ANY letter, even if I were to write thousands of letters anonymously to corporate compliance, I believe that I am legally protected by anonymity and so is every last one of my co-workers and former co-workers alike. From what I have been told, this letter did not even mention my name or have any sort of connection to me what so ever. At the time of my second interrogation, my agency computer was locked for a week and searched without cause, only curiosity. As a result of the wrongful lockdown and search of my computer, I was written up because I printed a list of items my supervisor had purchased, using agency money, for holiday gifts. At this point it is clear I am being targeted and as a result, I no longer feel welcome, safe, or valued in my position or as a person. My rights have been stripped and I have been spoken to and treated like some sort of sub species. If I were treated like a child, that would be a step up from what I have experienced. My memories of this Incorporated will now include My Boss shouting at me, “My 19 year old daughter could do a faster and better job than you”. For atrocious behavior like this to be allowed makes me feel embarrassed to have been a part of this company for so long, and the fact that nothing is being done to stop it will only tarnish the already declining reputation of this establishment.

Hi Dolores,

I myself would not quit. I would be filing an EEOC complaint or some sort of official labor complaint in case I get fired and for nothing other than retaliation.

I know someone that helps people do this in New York. If you email me .. I'll put you in touch with him.

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Jun 23, 2013
appeal letter
by: Dolores

I quit.. now I need to do an appeal letter..I need help

Like I said, I do know someone in New York that represents claimants at unemployment hearings and helps with EEOC matters.

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