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Violation of company Drug and Alcohol Policy

by Candrell

On the 7/30/2010 I was working for a temp service,and then I had an accident on the job were the chair had rolled out from under me by a bit fan and I ended up falling on the floor hurting my right hip.I was in serious pain for about 3 weeks and on the 8/13/2010 I was seen by the doctor at which I was given a drug test. So I did not get the results back until the 8/20/2010. My test came back positive, but on my separation notice it says (Post Accident drug screen was positive for Cannabinoid. So the question is will this stop me from collecting my unemployment benefits which the temp service did not have any more work for the temps that were employed by them including and I have been employed with them from 1/15/2010 to 8/13/2010.

Hi Candrell,
Considering that the drug test was administered a full two weeks after the workplace injury I think,
you need a lawyer.

It's not just unemployment I would be concerned about, but worker's comp and payment for any of the doctor bills for the accident.

Post accident drug tests, I believe, are supposed to be given at the time of the accident .. seems to me the employer was just a bit lax .. getting this done.

My advice is to seek legal advice. I'm not kidding or joking around here. Your issue extend beyond unemployment.

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