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Violation of Company Policy

by Becky

One day I made a mid day deposit. I called my cashier to come in half an hour earlier so that I could go to the bank. My cashier did not come in at 5:30. By the time I got the lines down it was almost 7pm and it was dark. So I did not take the deposit to the bank. At the end of the day both of my deposits were under 4000 so I thought I was o.k. ( we have done this before my District Manager knew of one occasion and did not tell me it was a violation etc..) Anyhow the next day my assistant was supposed to take both deposits to the bank.. She only took one, the other one went missing. It turns out that loss prevention does know she stole the deposit but they terminated my employment because we are not to have 2 deposits in the safe ever. At the store I trained at I specifically remember having 2 deposits in the safe because armor wouuld pick it up at about 1 pm.. I now realize that one of the forms we signed on the firstday of employment stated that fact. However I do recall having 2 at one time at the training store. Anyhow, if the asm would have not stolen the deposit I would not have been fired. What are my chances of qualifying for unemployment??

Thanks in advance,
Becky G

Hi Becky,

Your chances are very iffy. They are going to deny you initially .. at least they will if the employer submits all the documents with the protest.

You would have to appeal and you have stated the focus of your appeal in your story. Even though you signed an acknowledgment of rules, including the cash handling policies .. the rules were not uniformly enforced or adhered to .. not when you were trained and not by the district manager because he didn't say anything to you when he was aware of the violation in the past.

I think it's the best shot you got .. I just can't guarantee an outcome one way or the other.


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