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Virginia Unemployment: Reasons for "Good Cause" of Voluntarily Leaving a Job

by Kristin
(Boston, MA)

I quit my job in Virginia this past July because I was getting married in August and my (now) husband is a graduate student in Massachusetts. After we got married, I moved to Massachusetts to be with him and have not been able to find work yet. I have a fact finding interview about whether or not I quit with good reason. Is relocating due to a spouse's status good enough reason to continuing collecting VA unemployment benefits?


I'm pretty sure Virginia still adheres to the "military spouse only" rule.

That being quitting to relocate with a spouse is good cause only if the spouse is in the military.

And just to make this question relevant for other states that may extend this type of provision in laws to regular spouses .. quitting to relocate with a spouse because they have to attend school somewhere else, generally is not considered a compelling reason enough to allow benefits.

Any state that allow for a good cause for quitting to relocate with a spouse will have provided a copy of their provision to the USDOL to receive a portion of the stimulus and easily found here toward the bottom of the page.

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