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volentary Move

by Dawnmarie
(East Moriches, NY)

Hi Chris,

Hope you can assit me. I took a job in an office on July 13 till August 7th. I had been on several interview during my unemployment of six weeks so my resume was out an about. On August 7th a potential employer called and offered me a job I had interviewed for three weeks ago. The salary was higher along with a pension, health insurance, vacation and sick time accrued so I decided to take the job. (Being a single mother of three this was a better position for me financially and vac/sick time wise) I informed the present employer. The present employer was not 40 hours. My first week at the new employer was not 40 hours, so I claimed one day on unemployment. The new job has been 40 hours since the first week.

The July/Aug employer is claiming I am not eligible for the one day that I claimed since I volentarily left and he had work to do.

I'm confused an unable to find any information an would like to be prepared for my appeal. The first appeal he did not show.

If you can shed some light on this it is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


I can't say without asking you more questions, but I can tell you what resources I would use to figure it out if I had all the answers.

The DOLETA Chartbooks

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