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Voluntarily left or not?

by Lynn
(Los Angeles)

I was laid off last January 2009; I started a temporary job that required me to stand on my feet for 80% of the day and my feet started hurting really bad. I met with the head secretary/office manager and express that I had excruciating pain in my feet. I tried everything possible to lessen the pain. I could not go to the doctor because I do not have health insurance due to a mass layoff and I did not have any money to pay out of pocket for a doctor in regards to my physical condition. On or about June 5, 2009, the secretary and I discussed my condition again and at the end of the day she asked how I felt. I informed her that there was no change and I did not know what to do. She said, “I think you should go and take care of yourself.” I informed her that I would show up on Monday because I knew that they where short a clerk. She said, “No I think it is better that you just take care of yourself.” On the benefits form I had answered my assignment ended because of what she said. She didn’t try to accommodate or make any suggestion to accommodate for the position to complete the duties of the job. It’s was like you have physical problems go ahead and go. The CFO has been answering the EDD inquiry of reported facts and said that after one day of work that I just left.

Now, I facing this appeals hearing because the department based it on sec. 1375 overpayment to the claimant, 1375.1 was the overpayment caused by the claimant’s willful false statement and 1256 did the claimant voluntarily leave the job. All California codes.

I need help any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Lynn,

I first need to clarify whether it is the CFO of the temp agency or the temp agency's client that is protesting.

I would also want to know how long you worked in this temp position and if at any time you contacted the temp agency and let them know what problems you were facing.

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