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Voluntary quit if reduced from FT to PT?

by Carol

I live in CA. At the beginning of November 2009 I received a letter from my boss stating that effective immediately he is removing my title as manager, and effective 12/31/09 he is cutting my hours from FT to PT-20 hrs with no benefits or insurance. Since the offer is not at all comparable to my current position, would I be eligible for enemployment if I do not accept this new PT position? I dont wish to continue to work for this company (they dont deserve ME!). I must have a full time job and insurance for myself and my child.But I am afraid that if I decline it would be considered voluntarily unemployed and therefore make me ineligible for benefits.

Hi Carol,

Have you read the the CA determination guide?

It addresses when there is good cause for quitting both for reduction hours and demotions as well.


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