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Volunteering and Benefits

by Anonymous

I am considering volunteering for the meantime until I find a job. Would volunteering affect my benefits? Do I have to mentioned it on the continued claim form for number 6 which states "did you work or earn any money, WHETHER YOU WERE PAID OR NOT?". Does volunteer fall under work?


It must in California. I know in my state it actually asks a separate question of whether you volunteered.

Frankly, I don't know what would happen if you tell them you volunteered in any week. I do know the likely issue that would be raised is "able and available"

Maybe someone will read this who does know and tell us what happened to them.



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Jun 23, 2010
volunteering in California
by: Anonymous

Hi Chris,
Well I was able to contact EDD and asked them if volunteering would affect my unemployment benefits. I was told by them that I could volunteer in California as long as it was not more than 4 hours a week. Thank you.

Hi Anonymous,

It is I, that should thank you. Hardly ever, do people follow through on a request to let everyone know what they find out .. so THANK YOU!!

It seems to me, that possibly, in this day and age of cell phones, the irrefutable fact that we are not incommunicado when we are away from home .. there should be an effort to set some new precedents based on life today .. instead of 1949.

Just goes to show .. those questions on the continuing claim form are not innocuous. There's a legal reason to deny benefits behind every single one of them.


Dec 03, 2010
reply about volunteering
by: Anonymous

Thank you for posting the reply from the EDD regarding volunteering while on unemployment benefits. I am considering volunteering in the meantime and was worried how it would affect my situation. Now I know and will at least get out in the work force for a bit whether paid for or not.

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