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Walmart cake decorator in Nebraska and full-time college student online

by Kelly

I have been a cake decorator for a Walmart in Nebraska for four and a half years. The past two years, I have been pursuing my AAFB through Univ. of Phoenix, online full-time. Online colleges require a lot more reading and responding than traditional colleges. The problem I am running into is that most nights I am awake very late trying to accomplish my school work. Recently, I have arrived to work late resulting in tardies and points going against me. I have asked my manager to schedule earlier shifts for me so that I may have more time in the evenings to complete my homework and not be required to stay up so late. She fulfilled this request until the management level above her said that the request could no longer play out because they needed a cake decorator in the bakery until 8pm (when the bakery closes) in case a customer needs a cake written on or to place an order for a cake. As I recall from the Computer Based Learning (CBL) programs that Walmart requires upon hiring and training, everyone in the department is supposed to know how to do these two tasks. What I am wondering is do I have a valid reason to collect unemployment so that I can continue to pursue my education? My goal is to acquire up to a Bachelor's degree in business and open my own establishment. However, my grades are slipping because I am forced to hand in late assignments because I do not have enough time to complete sufficiently.


No Kelly, I do not think you have a valid reason to quit and collect unemployment because a quit must be attributable to the work .. and the rigors of school are not attributable to an employer.

However the tardies are their concern and what you've described would be misconduct.

However, you also think you may have valid reasoning, provided by Walmart computer based training to escalate your request for accommodation for reconsideration.


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Dec 13, 2011
Reply to Chirs
by: Kelly, Nebraska

Here is the other thing... When my area assistant manager informed me that my schedule will no longer be accommodated to earlier shifts because "they need a cake decorator there until the bakery closes," I asked her if they were going to approve any further tardies due to my need to stay awake later and complete my homework assignments. She told me "No, we can't do that." I then asked her what I should do because now my hands seem tied. I received no response from her. I am thinking my next step will be to go directly to her manager (a co-manager of the store) and explain the situation.

That's what you have to do .. however, I don't see the tardy's as somehow being the fault of the employer .. and I know you're not in the strength position here .. so be reasonable. There must be some way to resolve this problem and you may have to also be accommodating in some regard .. like knowing when you have to get to bed and possibly making some adjustments to your online school schedule so you can do both and do both with the same level of dedication.

I honestly do understand why school may be your top priority, but if I tell you that you can't count on benefits whether you quit because of school or get fired for attendance issues because of school .. will school still be possible?

Dec 15, 2011
by: Kelly, Nebraska

I know the employer is not at fault for the tardies. I just feel like I am at a dead end because I am constantly doing my school work when I am not at my job. I sleep at maximum, maybe 4-5hrs a night. I have tried getting my employer to work with me on my schedule, but they are pretty much giving me a slap on the wrist and saying "too bad." What else should I expect from retailers I guess. Welcome to corporate America!

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