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want to know if i have good cause for quiting

I ended work on a thurs night in Sacramento. My boss came in and said my job here is no longer needed due to business decisions,and company needs. She then hands me a piece of paper to sign saying that say I can accept reassignment over 1 hour and a 1/2 each way in Oakland and I had to show up the next day at 8am Friday or my other option was there would be no other job for me at this time with the company.

I never signed the paper. I filed the next week but i screwed up. i said I could not accept reassignmet because it was to far so I quit.

That's what's on the paper. I have a telephone interview Nov 1 2009. do you think I will be eligible to collect after they call.


Well first let me say .. I don't live in CA, but I've got an atlas. Sacramento looks to be about 80 miles from Oakland.

If you live and work in Sacramento and the only work the employer had available to offer you is in Oakland .. which is 80 miles away I think you will have good cause for refusing the "reassignment", but if you live 40 miles from either one .. probably not.

The state will examine all the details. I think they will allow benefits, but if they don't .. appeal.

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