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wanting to appeal the decision made by Appeal Tribunal in the state of Missouri

Both decisions so far have sided with the employer. He admits that he gave me permission to obtain some scrap items for personal use While scraping out items for the company. A few weeks later he said i was stealing company time. My question is the 1st employer statement written (states) Boss confronted the claimant near his car and notices that the claimant had some scrap items in his car that consisted of things that the claimant had been told he couldn't have. The claimant was discharged at the end of his shift. (which was not true)But on the telephone hearing he state's(A worker asked the claimant if he wanted some motors that were going to be discarded the claimant said he did. The worker put the motors in a cart the claimant was engaged in clean up and claimant put some wire in the cart. As the claimant was leaving that day after his shift The same boss observed the claimant removing the cart with wires and motors. He discharged the claimant for removing the material..So his 1st and 2nd statement don't match up is this grounds for appeal to be over turned cause of discrepancy in statement.


I doubt it, but I'm only reacting to what you've written here, I even get to hear the testimony at the hearing. Employers and claimants alike often provide slightly different testimony than what they said at the initial level. If there was a discrepancy .. it doesn't mean you weren't guilty of misconduct.

If you really want to know for sure if discrepancies are good grounds you need to talk to an attorney. Missouri is an attorney state. Anyone who wants someone to represent them at a hearing must use only an attorney.

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