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Wanting to further my education!!

I lived in new jersey and was working as a truck driver for a local company and i got laid off. well i couldn't afford to live there no longer so i had to move back to family in ohio. I'm collecting unemployment through new jersey but the job market here is bad too. So i would like to attend this college here in akron called brownmackie which offers morning, noon , and night classes..4 hours a day 3 days a week,, so if i was to find a job it would work around my schedule..i just don't know how to go about asking anyone how to do this


I do have a suggestion as to where you could start investigating.

If you click Ohio on the map, it will take you to Ohio's website where you can start investigating if this school is state approved, eligible for some grant money or even if you will be eligible for benefits and not have to worry about looking for work while attending.

I'm sure you will be able to find some contact info .. to speak with someone.

WIA Eligible Training Providers

You could also expand your search to other states to find a school.

The services available are not limited to just those getting unemployment. Anyone can make use of these resources to further their education.

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