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Was a Profanity Statement my "You are fired"?

(MS Unemployment Benefits)

I had to go to our freight room to look for something for another one our stores. There was a co-worker there looking for some merchandise for his archery section. (I worked in a sporting goods store)

About the same time, we spotted some expensive archery merchandise on an upper shelf. I suggested to my co-worker that he may want to talk to the owner (who was out of town at our other store) before removing the merchandise because the owner might have put the merchandise there for a certain reason.

A very short time after returning to my desk (I am an office worker), I received a long distance call from the owner. He began ranting about how "I seem to take over the store and being bossy when he is out of town." I advised him I had no idea of what he was talking about -- then he mentioned about me being in the freight room bossing another employee around. I denied the bossy around and explained about what exactly happened in the freight room -- I had to raise my voice to cover his continuing allegations and profanity. At no time did I use any profanity or told any lies. All I did was to state what I had suggested to the co-worker in the freight room.

All of a sudden, the owner told me "to carry my ass to the house." I took this as being fired. I gathered my personal belongs and left. I never received a call from anyone telling me to come back to work.

Several days later, I called a co-worker (who was at one time the store manager, but has since been relieved of duties by the owner due to his age - he has been with the store for over 50 years!)

I asked to be allowed to come back to work with a cut in pay and be only an office worker and not do double duty -- the office and sales floor (per the owner since summer). The offer was put to
the owner who said "No, not at this time."

The owner has taken over the store from his father - he is young, hot-headed and has a very short temper. He also likes to incorporate profanity in every conversation with employees.

I worked for 10 years for this Mississippi store, that grew from one store to three locations in the state.

My unemployment benefits have been denied because "I quit while there work still available."

Did the statement "to carry my ass to the house" constitutes as the owner's way of saying "your fired?"


I've removed your name and your city as it's not a wise idea .. to include this.

I'm probably the wrong person to ask. If I wanted to be bullied and intimidated just to earn a living I'd be a masochist in a house of ill repute with whips and chains as the decor.

I also have no idea if I would take the statement to "carry my ass to the house" as being fired.

I don't know what that means, but I can tell you this, if my boss tore into my ass like that more than once and there was no one to go to above his head to chomp it off or put him in his place as to what is an acceptable demeanor in the workplace .. I would have written a well composed resignation letter and moved into that tent I used to tell my husband I'd live in just so I wouldn't have to go to work the next day and listen to assholes like that talk to me like I was their co-conspirator.

Regardless of circumstances though I would have exited the building and I'd appeal any denial of benefits because it's worth the fight and your boss, as you explained, is an immature hothead.

The only problem I can see for you that is problematic is that you called several days later asking to come back to work.

That implies to me .. that indeed, you might not have thought you were being fired.

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Oct 26, 2011
I won my unemployment!!!
by: Anonymous

Just to let you know, I provided my defense documents, (Sworn Statement of Facts and Sworn Statement of Facts Regarding Last Paycheck and Severance Pay, with a copy of the two checks), to the Hearing Judge and to my former employers.

When the Hearing Judge called to set up phone conference, my ex-employer hung up the phone!! I had everything ready, documents, exhibits, had my questions ready, my final statement, and a post it note to remind me to respond with "Your Honor."

The hearing was held without the employer's imput. The Judge ruled that I was fired and the burden of proving a good cause of termination was put on the employer.

I received my back unemployment payments and the knowledge that I was fired and did not quit!

This website was very helpful!! Thank you for your help and the help of others regarding this matter!

I'll bet that was satisfying:)) Knowledge can be power .. eh?


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