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was at a company for 4 yrs and then quit instead of being fired.

by msh

during the first 3.5 yrs my reviews were stellar and then due to cut backs i took another position that was 180 degrees from what i had been doing (new hire training to warehouse sup) in the last 15months my reviews have been horrible and have gone through documentation steps up to final warning(mostly for minor nit picking things that i have some documentation of to show my side of the story) last straw was a week ago when i was pulled again into an office to be told about poor performance and when i said i would rather quit then be fired the HR rep jumped at the bait and offered to print a term form which i signed...any help?

When they called you into the office .. was it to fire you? If so it's a quit in lieu of termination and is usually adjudicated as a discharge by the unemployment department .. regardless of the fact that you quit.

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