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Was fired, and denied unemployment, now the company needs me to testify

by Jennifer
(Auburn Hills, MI, United States)

Long story short, I was fired four months after the company's third party money handler stole. I was fired basically because I was the last one before to touch the money, they denied my unemployment based on the safe keeping of the store but stated I was never warned. I sent a massive letter telling the story for the appeal. Now, I have a court date for the company against the guy who stole the money. I have not had my court date yet, for unemployment basically I am lost and wondering if I should plead the 5th...

I am not writing this in a timely matter so it is ok if you do not anwser... court is tomorrow.. early.

Hi Jennifer,

Why would you plead the 5th? I'm not a lawyer, but I thought that's what people do to avoid incriminating themselves.

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