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Was fired and I have never been Fired in my life!

by Cindy
(Manteca, CA USA)

On 10/26/16 I received an email at 9:45am by my HR Rep that I received a $3.00 raise. I was happy and excited. But then at 2:00pm, I get called into my supervisor's office (HR Rep was in her office too) and was told that I was being written up on a Performance Warning because a the Executive Assistant to the President (who has only worked for the company 5 months) had told them that I disclosed a contractor's wage and that someone else in the company also found out. I let them know that I was approached by this Executive Assistant and she had asked me more than 2 times what the contractor's wage was and that she was going to keep it confidential since she insisted that she needed to know. I told her the contractor's wage, but didn't know she was going to tell someone else. To make matters worse, they believed her did nothing to her for telling someone else. I've been with this company for 4 years! I did my job to the best of my ability and never gave confidential information to anyone. This was the only time I misjudged. I have never been fired from a job in my life. I have a phone interview with unemployment on Nov 18th and I have no idea how to answer their questions without losing my benefits. I'm very nervous.

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