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Was forced to either resign or get fired. I lost my license and could no longer drive for the company. i resigned, can I collect unemployment?


Got a DUI outside of work. Curruently am fighting it but am no longer eligible to drive until I go to court. Have been working my job for over 15 years.


When you are offered the choice to quit or be fired ... it should be adjudicated as a discharge and the standards to determine whether it was with good cause or not should be used.

You said your job was to drive, so this makes a difference because you should have known that if you got a DUI it would effect your ability to do the job you were hired for.

The distinction between you getting a DUI off duty and someone who doesn't have to drive while working is that you have to maintain a drivers license to fulfill the duties of that job.

But I'm curious, did they allow you to quit, so if you did get your license back they might be able to rehire you?

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