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was overpaid unemployment eleven years ago, Do I still have to pay it back?

by kellie
(university place, wa, US)

I was overpaid unemployment in 1999. They just contacted me eleven years later, am I still obligated to have to pay it back?


I do not know if there is a statute of limitations on collecting unemployment overpayments.

I do suggest that you either talk to an attorney .. or try the Unemployment Law Project for help.

You can estimate what may be at stake for you by viewing DOLETA's Overpayment Information for each state. Just click the current year and you find the links to information on a variety of subjects.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help, but I have noticed more and more that states are going A LONG WAY BACK to detect fraud. They have many resources available to detect it. Unemployment fraud detection departments seem to be working overtime these days .. I guess that must be the logical choice when your fund is insolvent.

I read an article last year about a man arrested for UI fraud while boarding a plane in Florida. Florida said the fraud occurred 10 years prior .. He hired an attorney .. and won. And he was double dipping.

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