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Was sick could'nt physically work...

by Ann

I was sick with my auto immune disease and got raynaud's phenomonom which made my hands and feet numb pins and needles feeling and it went through my whole body I couldn't work. I worked fast food and am constantly standing. I couldnt see my doctor for 2 weeks he was a specialist and was booked. By the time i saw him he gave me some blood pressure med. and ran more tests. The next day I decided that Ididnt know how long i would be sick or if i could even do the job anymore due to the type of work so i quit so that my other managers can move on can i collect unemployment?

Probably not in Texas. I say this because TX is very strict although that is beside the point.

Not once did you mention that you gave the employer the opportunity to accommodate any restrictions your illness might have been causing you to have .. not to mention that you didn't tell me that the restrictions were a medically documented fact.

Texas precedent unemployment decisions found here.

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