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Well worth the $$$ In the end you will learn what to say and what not to say!

by Sally

My situation was I was being sexually harassed at work for over a year and half. I voluntarily quit my job and was denied unemployment. I contacted the site before my actual interview with unemployment, before I was actually denied. When I received my denial letter is when, Chris told me via her web site that I should appeal.
I was uneasy with the entire idea of appealing, because honestly who likes to be rejected or denied? So I thought I had to get a consultation with Chris, so I went and I paid set up a date and we talked and talked, and I finally felt like someone was on my side and she totally helped me understand the process.
I think Chris is shall I be frank... Brutally honest, In a good way of course! She tells it how it is, and let's you know the most important steps in the entire process. She stayed with me the entire time. I mean she answered all my questions and then some. I am one of those people who look at the glass half empty. But she absolutely thought I could win and I did. If it was not for Chris and her site I would have definitely just gave up. I thank her for all her knowledge and kindness during this process it is greatly appreciated!

Chicago, IL

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