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What are my chances of collecting in Oregon ??

by Brian
(Portland , Oregon)

I was let-go by my employer in Oregon; that's just a nice way to say fired. The week was a normal weekly shift in the field fri-tuesdayMonday eve I received a text to meet at the office w/ my somewhat new supervisor which is really rare.
There were no incidents or issues recently.
During the meeting he said he was going to let me go based on some singular problems which is a normal occurrence in field work troubleshooting photographic mini labs in retail stores. We had parts issues related to unpaid bills so parts weren't released on time and he even stated that it wasn't really my fault.
He also stated that he tried to get me a call center position or an in house repair position but they had laid off recently and there really no current openings.
I have been working in the field for this employer for 5 years.
During the last 4 years I have had a part time night job averaging 15 hours per week. I am still employed w/ this part time job and filed for benefits. I have asked my employer for more hours but they haven't materialized yet. So I filed a claim, I am the definition of unemployed in Oregon.
I have plenty of hours logged.
I am still looking for a full day time employment.
What do you think my chances for benefits are ???

Hi Brian,

From what you told me .. I can't say. You did say some things which raise questions for me though.

You didn't give any details, but I did raise my eyebrows when I read "singular problems". A series of singular problems, says possibly multiple rule violations to me. You also said there had been no incidents or issues "recently".

The only thing positive .. that might make me think you had a shot was that he said it wasn't "really" your fault and he even tried to get you on in another department, but this could have just been said to make you feel better about your termination.

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