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What are my chances of losing my appeal in Kentucky

I quit my job after we had a bad ice storm all power was off for 9 days, power lines and trees down, no telephone service not even cell phone. Could not get in touch until late afternoon with my work place, I drive a truck. They told me that no matter what the load had to be delivered. I could not even get the truck out without knocking trees and powerlines down not to mention we were under a state of emergency. I have been receiving unemployment for about 8 weeks. I received a letter that my employer is appealing my unemployment. What is my chance of losing the appeal,and if so, do I have to pay it back. I live in KY if it is different in every state.

Hi Anonymous,

Sorry, you skipped right over the quit part. I did get that the employer was making an unreasonable request, but what reason did you give the employer for quitting?

How did the employer respond to the state? What exactly does their appeal letter say?

If you could help me out here a little ... I'll try to help.



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Apr 06, 2009
by: Anonymous

I say I was dicharged they say I quit for personal reasons ,but they told me since I could not come in they would find someone that would and told me not to drive the truck they would come and get it.

Shame on them. You were fired. Refusing an unreasonable order is not quitting, but when an employer tells someone, when they refuse to do as told, irregardless of the insurmountable obstacles beyond the employees control .. especially when the obstacles have been explained.... Geesh!!

I think you'll win.

Make sure you let us know how the hearing turns out.


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