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what are my chances

by Wayne


I worked as a sales rep for a company and I was fired for not showing up to an appointment that I wrote down on my schedule. I cold called this place and talked to one of the employee's and she told me I should come in and talk to the owner so it really wasn't a set appointment. My boss decided to surprise me and show up to that appointment and I wasn't there. He called me and asked me where I was and I lied to him and told him I was there but then I told him the truth after that. I did in fact call the business and the employee remembered who I was and told me the owner was busy but to stop in in about 2 hours so I did have intentions of going. The company required you to get 16 qualified appointments a week by going door to door and cold calling over the phone. It was very tough to get 16 appointments and even my boss told me that it's not gonna happen every week. And he knew that some appointments that his employees put down weren't always qualified. I wasn't the only one that did it. I apoligized for my actions and the lying and he told me that he had to tell the GM what I did and he'd call me later to tell me what he said. I recieved a phone call later that evening and he told me everything was ok and to just come in to work tomorrow and work a normal day. So I went into work to do my phone block and about an hour into my day my boss came in and fired me. I was on unemployment in NJ for about 3 months prior to working this job which I was at for about 6 months. I tried to reopen my claim and I got all the paperwork telling me my claim has been re-opened and I got the day of when to call in to recieve my benefits so I thought everything was ok, then today I get a letter in the mail saying that I have a fact-finding interview scheduled in 2 week saying that I may have been seperated from my previous employer for misconduct. What do you think my chances are for getting my benefits approved again? Thanks, Wayne

I think it will be tough because of the lie.
Even when you wrote about what happened you mentioned some things that I believe to be contradictory.

NJ has recently changed their misconduct disqualification to include "severe misconduct" .. that might include lying to your employer.

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