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What are my chances?

by Makeda


i was working part time at a home health agency that required me to have my own car. i was also had another part-time job. i was told by the agency that if i quit my other job, they would give me a full time position. so i went on-call at my other job. i informed the agency of my actions as was told to catch up on my paperwork and then we would be able to discuss me becoming full time and i did just that. i was given more patients however was not offered a full time job. the agency would also reject my timesheets due to mistakes on my charting which resulted in me not being paid what i thought i was due to be paid. this caused me a financial hardship and my vehicle was taken. i informed the agency that i no longer had a vehicle and was told that my cases would be assigned to other staff members. i then had to look for a full-time job that did not require me to have a vehicle and that i could use public transportation to get to until i got my own transportation. I filed for UI benefits and was denies because the interviewer said that i quit my job because i didn't have transportation. I filed and appeal and have a hearing approaching soon. what do you think my chances are of winning my appeal?

Honestly, this calls for a judgment from me about your abilities at that hearing ..

Considering only what you told me and how you managed to get to the point of losing your job because you lost your car .. primarily according to you because this employer did not follow through with their promise to provide you a full-time job if you quit your other part-time job and subsequently you letting your only employer now get away with not paying you for the hours you claim you worked .. not good.

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Dec 12, 2011
they didn't call in
by: Makeda

Ok, so I had my appeal last week and the employer did not call in for the appeal. Do you think the decision will go in my favor because the employer failed to call in? (california)

As long as you didn't do anything to self-disqualify yourself .. and the employer doesn't try to reopen the case because they had some sort of good cause for the non-appearance.

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