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What are requirment for public employees to receive unemployment benefits.

by Mary Sabat-tirado
(Titusville, FL )

Possibly we will be furloughed for the months of August & September, at this time state budget will have no money to pay salaries and we would be eligible for employment. How does that work? What are the requirements? Florida state, Brevard county.

Hi Mary,

Public employees who are furloughed or I'd say temporarily laid off.... should be looking at this part of 443 just so they know...their employment is indeed covered employment.

You can apply for unemployment!! I haven't noticed any "special requirements" for public employees, but if in doubt you can search the statutes.

Please don't tell me they didn't explain to you that they are a reimbursing employer....required to pay unemployment. Actually, they may have the option of being either a reimburser or a contributing employer.....I wonder if they have considered participating in the unique Short time compensation program who's name has absolutely no relevance to the common request for Florida partial unemployment.

If I sound's not with you Mary, but the information Florida provides which when compared to other states...stinks.

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