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What can you do if you want to go to school but being denied for unemployment benefits?

by Angela Sharp
(Fontana, CA, USA)

I am in the Dental Industry, and I was working for a company in Riverside California. I got fired, and I got denied for unemployment benefits. My employer lied on why I was fired, and I'm currently in the process of an appeal and awaiting an unemployment hearing. At the moment there are no jobs for the type of work I do, and I am seeking another career.

At the moment, I started working part time, but the office is about an hour away, and I believe the office will be closing pretty soon. I really want to go back to school and seek a different career. Can the state help me in this situation??

That is what the Jobs and Training Department does .. help people such as you. Even if you have been denied unemployment benefits .. there is help available for those who want to go to school.

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