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What determines entitlement to partial unemployment in New Jersey

by Claudia
(New Jersey Partial Unemployment Benefits)

What determines entitlement to partial unemployment in New Jersey?

I am employed full-time, working a 37-1/2 hour week. My employer wants to cut me down to 30 hours, for an unspecified amount of time. Can I collect partial unemployment benefits?

Hi Claudia,

Need I say .. it varies by state, but there is a formula provided by every state that can help anyone, in any state determine if they will receive a partial benefits amount.

The discussion about partial unemployment benefits begins toward the bottom of page 3-17.

The formulas for calculating partial benefits vary mostly because of the amount of earned wages a state if willing to disregard first in each week.

After the disregard amount is taken into account, states will generally, reduce the weekly benefit amount allowed for total unemployment, dollar for dollar per each remaining dollar earned in wages.



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