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What does it mean whe it says, Not eligible for 5 weeks?

by Zoey
(Central California)

I received a letter for the CA UI after my phone interview which stated "You are not eligible to receive benefits under CA UI Code Sec 1257a beginning 10/28/12 until you have filed a claim for each of the 5 weeks in which you are otherwise eligible for benefits. " It than goes on to say I gave them incorrect information pretaining to my termination and the department finds that I do not meet the legal requirements for payment of benefits. An individual disqualified under 1257A is ineligible for benefits from 5-15 weeks. He or she must submit in a continued claim form for to cover each week and meet all eligibility requirements. No benefits are payable for 3 years until it is satisfied at an earlier date and you are otherwise eligible. Than there is an attached appeal form.

So does that mean that after 5 weeks of sending in continued claim forms for the penalty than I am eligible for benefits after that? Or that I am denied totally? I am just freaking out a little bit because I am unemployed and am currently 8 months pregnant and wish this could be explained in simple yes or no answers instead of all of these code section blah blah blah speak.


That is usually a misrepresentation of material fact in order to receive benefits .. determination.

It means .. after five weeks of submitting continuing claims .. for which you will not be eligible, you will have served the California disqualification for a misrepresentation and that when the state will issue the determination of benefits om the quit or the discharge .. when you file for the 6th week.

If you think the state is wrong about you telling them something other than the truth to obtain benefits .. you have to appeal because ignoring it becomes sort ot like an admission of guilt

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