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What Employer Should I Put When Applying for Unemployment if I Worked for a Temp Staffing Agency?

by Justin

I am trying to put in work history. Now i'm a little confused. I worked for a temp agency (Volt). But they assigned me to work at "3M." So do i put volt and their information or 3M and their information?

Hi Justin,

Thanks .. I like easy straight forward questions.

But even still .. I'm usually not at a loss to come up with a but, or what if .. especially if Volt is still of the same mind they should appeal every claim paid .. like most other temp staffing agencies.

The temp staffing agency is likely going to be the liable employer who would be charged for any benefits you might collect, because they pay you to be an employee who works on assignments for staffing agency clients.

The temp staffing agency pays you the wage, which makes them responsible for paying any additional payroll associated taxes, such as matching your SSI contribution, as well as hidden unemployment taxes that do not show up on paystubs because it's a tax imposed only on employers, unless of course you might work in one of the three states that have exceptions to the rule only employer contribute unemployment taxes.. New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Alaska.

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