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What happens in FL if I filed my appeal late?

by Frustrated

Can I be denied unemployment, based only on the fact that I filed the appeal late. It was only by a day, which I understand is still late. But the appeal was based on the determination that I was employed by a company that I NEVER worked for. I Faxed back an employment verification form and got a determination, that said I wasn't qualified for benefits. The thing is, I was already Unqualified for benefits due to a pending appeal. So after I had the hearing, the decision was reversed and when I called about the back time, they told me I had something pending on my file. After going through everything with the agent, he told me I had to appeal the determination about the company I never worked for. I told him I didn't understand and if they had contacted the company to verify my employment. He said no I showed up on a new hire list. I NEVER worked for this company and filed the appeal, which was now 1 day late. So my question is, can I be denied benefits based on the soul fact that I filed the appeal late? When i had the hearing they didnt even know who the company was or what they did. My other question is, why would this even come to this if it can be proved that I was never employed by them?

Thank you for your time

Hi Frustrated,

Late appeals are a separate issue listed on a hearing notice. You'll get your hearing .. eventually, but you will have to provide a valid reason for the late appeal .. or they will likely throw it out the appeal, which would have the effect of letting the determination stand.

I could go on about your other issue, but I think I'll just ask if you applied at this company you never worked at and if they "offered you a job".

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