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What happens when regular entitlement benefits run out in Tennessee.

by Ida
(Creston, IL, USA)

Question...I started receiving unemployment in September (drawing from Tennessee) of this year and given a regular entitlement for 14 weeks (at the maximum of $275 per week) which is due to expire the week after next..what happens after that? Do I need to apply for extended benefits? I've never received unemployment before and am unclear on how this works..any info would be appreciated..thank you :) with all this news I'm seeing about unemployment I'm starting to get a little worried.

Hi Ida,

After regular benefits run out, you still have a benefit year that hasn't expired yet .. so an extension of benefits is the only possibility to continue collecting.

And if TN's unemployment rate is at a level that allows for an extension, the usual way is that the state will automatically file for extension benefits for you and notify you of anything further you need to know .. or do.

However, the current federal extensions run out at the end of this month.

Supposedly, they're working on passing a new one, but if recent history repeats itself the senate drags their feet to pass a new bill until after the last expires.

It is the delay between one extension expiring and the next being passed that cause a lot of people still unemployed to get dropped out of the system .. and by virtue .. out of the adjusted unemployment rate.

So Ida .. I can't really tell you what will happen in your case .. because you're running out of regular benefits right around the time the current extension will be expiring .. and I don't know if those in Washington will act in time with regard to passing a new emergency extension in time.


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