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What? I did not know about quitting....

by John

When I was let go for "Insubordination", which is what is ALWAYS the word used when anyone is fired from that place, I found out about the paper work for termination coming a day before. I had no chance for redemption because I was to be let go at first because of the economy, then another said it was because of a mistake I made recently (I said to a guest that I did not no if Palmwood Builders was still in business and he should go to the Welcome Center and ask and since I did not know I upset him and I was to be fired for that), then when I asked questions about my termination, it was changed to Insubordination. There are other instances leading up to this over the course of a year and a half. If I knew quitting would be better, then that is what I would have done instead of waiting for the paperwork to arrive. The Insubordination is an out right lie, I have never been written up or reprimanded,well except when I would not fix an expensive computer, only paperwork I ever seen was the last day of work.

I am starting to learn some things about this, but does not matter now, my job is gone, but for future use what should be done for situations is good to know.

Thanks for having a great site to find out these things in life!!


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