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What if I have a hearing?

by Alexandra

Hi my name is Alexandra in December of 2009 i was denied benefits due to not "good cause" when quitting my job. In the beginning of January 2010 I had requested a hearing until now March 1 I have not heard anything about the hearing. February 11 I recieved papers wanting clarification on my availability to work from unemployment. Which I have faxed in and so did my dr. which stated I was capable of working the papers stated that if i did not send them in within 7 days of the mailing date a final determination will be made on the info they already have, if they already decided to give me my hearing then why am being asked to clarify my availability to work. There was nothing else unemployment asked to clarify. My question is if a hearing was already determined then what decision were they going to make if the paper work was not sent in. Thank you for your time.


It may be that a hearing won't be necessary if you fax in the paperwork that removes the A&A issue.

It's hard for me to diagnose what's going on without see your papers .. but given what you have told me .. this is the best I can do.

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