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What if i was denied benefits by the state and not my employer?

by paige emerson

i was denied benefits by the state, not my previous employer. I gave my two weeks notice to start school but was fired before my two weeks notice was up. the unemployment office sent me a letter stating that going to school was not a good enough reason to quit my job. but i forgot to mention in my filing for unemployment that the work environment was not fit. there was sexual harrasment from the male manager and the boss was rude to everyone, calling people "idiots" and such. should i appeal it, and if i do, do you think i will win

It is always the state that denies unemployment benefits whether the employer fights benefits or not.

You self-disqualified yourself by quitting to attend school. That is never good cause for quitting and to top it off, quitting to attend school make you not able and available for suitable work.

No, you will not win .. at least given the information you provided to me.

There is a possibility that someone in your situation may be able to collect for a period of time between the date resignation and the date you were fired without cause .. but when the intent was to quit .. it tends to limit the length of eligibility for benefits.

Considering that many states have a one week unpaid waiting period before benefits can be paid .. I think it's a moot point.

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