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What if I were given the opportunity to go on intermittent leave and I get sick and have to call in due to pregnancy before im able to turn in the paper work?

I have well over the amount of allowed call ins and tardies due to pregnancy, If I call in one more time or am tardy 3 more times (equaling one absence) I am terminated. I have the opportunity to go on an intermittent leave but have to wait a few more days for the paper work, I'm afraid that i will get sick and have to call in again before I am able to get the paperwork from my doctor. If this happens and I get fired can I collect unemployment? what all could my employer use against me?


If you get sick because you are pregnant and you call in .. while waiting for the paperwork .. and the employer terminates you while waiting for your doctor to fill out and return the paperwork within the "specified amount of time" it would not be something the employer would have an easy time using against you .. for unemployment purposes .. it might even look like ..

Pregnancy Discrimination

This supposes that you continue to comply with the employer's call off procedures and provide Dr. notes if required .. which is never a bad idea so you can eliminate any doubt for others about the reason for the absence anyway.

You should also check out FMLA Guidelines so you can understand your rights .. just in case the employer unknowingly infringes on them.

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