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What if I've taken a position that's way over my head?

by Sarah
(Southern California)

Hi Dave,

I'm in the state of California. I was approved and was receiving the Federal Extension after depleting my original U.I. claim and an extension. I was only given 13 weeks on the Federal and had received only one month of the Federal benefits.

Then, I found an entry level position at a company where the job has turned out to be way more complicated than my abilities! I knew very little about what the job entailed before accepting it because it was an entry level position and I thought okay, they're willing to train me, so I'll take it! The position turned out to be very high pressure and I already know that I can't do it and I'm just waiting for them to figure that out before my 90 day trial period ends. It's just a matter of time before they let me go.

Considering that I had already been approved for the Federal Extension, do you think that I will be able to apply and receive unemployment insurance on a new claim or receive any of the remaining money that was granted to me on the Federal Extension?

It took me over a year to land this job because of my age (I'm 50) and the fact that I don't speak fluent Spanish. When you're interviewer is 20 years younger than you are, you're unlikely going to get the job. I know that age discrimination is illegal, but it's still going on.

Thanks for your help.


Hi Sarah,

Well do not quit. Just make sure you respond to any performance eval you might get. In the meantime .. I think it would be wise to go to your boss and tell them that you're not getting it and ask if they can provide some training.

And remember this when people are fired for an "inability" to do the job .. an employer wants to prove you were capable and that any performance issue is due to "neglect of your job duties".

You just need to focus everything on proving that it wasn't neglect, but "inability".

This holds true for most states .. although I recently read an Ohio precedent .. which found inability to be misconduct ..

Read some examples in the California Eligibility guide It's a good resource for you.

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Feb 22, 2010
Don't Do What I did! You will Lose Precious Time!
by: Sarah

Hi Dave,

It's Sarah again. You said to go to my boss and ask for 'training'. I hired on at an 'entry level position', it was my understanding when I took the job that I would be trained. BUT, they aren't providing the proper training! The woman who's supposed to be training me is kept so busy that she's unable to train me! I ask her for help, but she tells me that she's sorry, she's too busy and can't help me

This position is a Logistics Coordinator position with a Customs Broker in the Port of Los Angeles, Calif. It is all based on 'Timing'. The ships come in with their cargo and they have just so much time to get in and out of the Port of L.A., There are Government Agencies that are involved, such as the FDA and U.S. Customs Depts. These Agencies require all kinds of documents, which this company handles. All of this paperwork has to be processed in a short period of time.

The woman who is suppose to be training me is SO overwhelmed with the amount of work that she's been made to do for such a long time (before I came there), that she has no time to train me!

I'm just going to look for another job ASAP!

Thanks for trying to help me. But, I think that I'm just 'out of luck' here. I doubt that they're going to keep me there for very long. I realize that they have to do what's best for their company. I just wish I would have known what they expected of me before I took the position.

My advice to anyone out there, is that if you've been approved for any extended help from the EDD or if you've been approved for any help with a Federal Extension, make sure that IF you're offered a job that you understand 'exactly' what they expect you to do, otherwise you're forfeiting the 'already approved' help that you've been granted.

When I lose this job, I've lost my home that I've been living in for 12 years. Yes, it would have happened anyway after the Federal Extension ran out, but it's just happening sooner than I expected.

If I get let go, I will try for further financial assistance from the EDD, but I doubt that I will be granted anything more from them.

Best of luck to you all!



The reason I tell you to document and go to someone higher up to ask for training or let know that you believe the training is inadequate is to bolster your case for benefits when you are let go for poor performance.

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