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What if the unemployment office made a mistake on the status of a claim? for instance they stated I ran out of EUC benefits when it was only my regular benefits that ended.

by Trace

I'm seeking EUC benefits because my regular benefits ended. They said I cannot receive an extension because I had exhausted my EUC benefits. I have not had one dime of EUC benefits. How can I get them to care enough to correct this?

Hi Trace,

You must appeal any determination if you disagree with it to save your appeal rights. But do you mind if I ask .. What your BYB and BYE dates are and what date did your regular benefits exhaust?


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Aug 19, 2019
Reported income is wrong
by: Anonymrobertous

I am getting notices from unemployment that i did not report correct income back in 2012. They said i only reported 100 dollars every week.that is very incorrect, i claimed my pay from a part time job and claimed the exact amount every week, it was never 100 dollars and it fluctuated. Now i just got another letter stating that i claimed 0 dollars every week! For the same dates. Please help

I wish helping were just as easy as adding to a comment.

However, if you, or anyone else disagrees with overpayment determination notices received from the unemployment department only now in 2019 .. after seven years from the time the supposed overpayment occurred, I might start by asking what you think might of caused the notice.

Did you recently file a new claim for unemployment?

Or seven years ago in 2012 did you ignore any overpayment determination .. and think the state is only now catching up with you?

And .. that brings me to asking what state this is happening in .. and if the state is telling you the overpayment was caused by a non-fraud reason, or a fraudulent misreporting of wages earned, while you were still collecting a partial unemployment benefit?

Aug 19, 2011
This just happened to me, someone help!
by: Austin

yea, i just had this same BS happen to me. I got a letter saying my benefits were going to expire and that i had to call their office... At this time i am already on my EUC with about 4k left... SO of course i called them so i could continue receiving my money... The lady ran it through the system as if i were entering my initial claim, so they made a base period determination of the year i wasn't working, then i got another one with the pay period shifted back one quarter... but it wasn't what i already am getting, about 100 less... Then i got another paper saying i cannot apply for benefits until i earn a certain amount of what i had been paid (like if i was re-applying for unemployment AFTER finishing all my benefits)... Now I am worried that they are going to screw me out of my money, just like MD fucks everything else up... I called them like the letter said to do, and i stated I was already on EUC (but i seemed like she wasnt listening to what i said)... I had money left, and when i first applied i thought the account was good for 2 years, not one- but regardless I was given benefits, and I am very reliant on those as they are going to get me a job in a few weeks, and without my EUC I cant...

Hi Austin,

You know what .. I can't really help individuals with EUC problems .. it's happening everywhere and it's happening in almost every single state.

And the problem has to be with how the last extension passed.

The one thing I can assure everyone of .. is that when one benefit year ends a new claim must be established .. even so you can start collecting EUC's again that have a remaining balance.

There a really long thread about this same issue that keeps coming up over and over again.

Temporary Job Warning!

What makes it relevant is that base period thing.

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