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What if your boss didn't say you're fired or you're laid off?

by Anonymous

I realized that my boss was unhappy with practically everything I did. I decided to have a discussion with her to find out what was going on. After I said "we said we would discuss things if we were having difficulties." She followed up with "I had you on my calendar to talk to this week." I told her I knew she had been frustrated. She said she had two other people who were interested in my job. I was SHOCKED! The next thing I knew she was looking at the calendar saying she would like me to finish on Friday. I said I would like to have two weeks, I had a mortgage payment to make. And that was that! Am I fired or laid off?

Chris's Response

Beautiful photo!

I would call that being fired. Whether your boss had good cause, or not for firing you is something I can't really address because I don't know what was causing her frustration .. exactly.

Being laid off means a "lack of work" to any unemployment department. A lack of work is also confirmed by an employer when they respond to the notice of claim filed with "Claimant was laid off due to a lack of work".

In essence when they admit this and don't follow that statement with something like "but refused an offer of continuing suitable work", an employer has admitted fault for the discharge, or one without any misconduct connected to the reason they chose to end the employment relationship.


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