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What is good cause for quitting in Arizona and collecting unemployment?

by Yunker

My granddaughter lives and recently worked in arizona. she recently was told to show another employee how to do her job. After training the new employee she was told she was being transferred to a different type of job answering calls at a call center in a different location. When she was told she was being transferred, she quit. She had an excellent work record, never missed work and was always on time, she was given an award for excellent performance in dealing with customers face to face. Does she have a "good cause" for quitting in order to collect unemployment? any help will be appreciated. thanks. yunker

Hi Yunker,

Here's Arizona's statute on voluntarily leaving.

23-775. Disqualification from benefits

An individual shall be disqualified for benefits:

1. For the week in which the individual has left work voluntarily without good cause in connection with the employment, and in addition to the waiting week, for the duration of the individual's unemployment and until the individual has earned wages in an amount equivalent to five times the individual's weekly benefit amount otherwise payable. If a person leaves because of transportation difficulties, the individual shall be disqualified unless the individual can show the individual's travel requirements are in excess of the normal practice in the individual's occupation and past practice or that the individual has compelling personal circumstances requiring the individual's leaving. Compelling personal circumstances shall include but are not limited to a showing of any of the following:

(a) Over thirty miles distance from the individual's home to work.

(b) More than one and one-half hours to reach work.

She can certainly apply for unemployment and give her reasons for quitting. The state will make their decision, but be aware that if she does receive unemployment that employers regularly appeal this and she would again have to explain her reasons to the judge at a hearing.

I suggest you take a look at Article 50 beginning at R6-3-5005-General Provisions here. Unlike the statute it begins to explain how Arizona interprets the statute.

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