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What is the process for receiving unemployment benefits?

by Jeanette

My husband was terminated in January for violating a petty company policy. After many months of waiting he finally received an appeal date. 4 weeks after that he receives a letter basically stating that he won the case and therefore is eligible to receive benefits.

My question is, how much more will we have to wait until he receives those benefits and will they be paid in installments or altogether?
(I am itching to find out because he refuses to call and ask, we rely solely on my income which is minimum wage, I am 8 months pregnant and, quite frankly, we need this asap!)
Thank you.

It should be fairly automatic, but he really should call because by now he should be receiving benefits.

Of course he would have had to send in the continuing claim form for each week he was unemployed and waiting for the favorable determination.

You might even be able to check on the status of the claim here or ..

This would be my preference

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Jun 30, 2010
whatis the process
by: Anonymous

I just went through the same thing, and after I went to the appeal court date, I received the results 2 weeks later, and after I received that, I received all the checks at one time 4 days later. You can call the UDD number and check when the checks were processed to you and you should receive them in a coupole of days. Hope that helps you.

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