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What is the wait time to collect unemployment in a plant closure in the state of California.

The company that I work for has given all of the employees a 60 day notice that our plant will be closing as of July 31, 2010.We should be receiving notice of our last day worked by the 18th of March 2010. All of us want to know what the wait period is in the state of California after we are layed off ,before we are eligable to apply for unemployment benefits. We have heard that it is one week. Is this correct?


I'm not certain what the wait time will be until you receive your first check .. although I'm sure it won't be long because when there is a mass layoff .. there are rules the employer must comply with to expedite the process.

The one week you are talking about is common to a lot of states.

It's called "serving an "unpaid" waiting week".

Why .. I don't know .. it's just the way it is.

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