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What is used to calculate your UI amount?

by E

I was given a chart to figure out what my weekly amount would be, but it was very low, like only150 a week... but I have two friends who claimed to receive much more and worked less hours for a lower hourly wage. Is there something I may be missing in trying to calculate how much I could get? Is your ENTIRE paycheck used for calculation, INCLUDING the tax that is taken out, or is it purely just the amount you get after taxes that is used? I'm trying to figure out why my number was so low.

Hi E,

Before I could answer this .. I would need to know which state you live in and would be collecting from.

Each state has their very own formula for calculating the weekly amount of benefits an individual is entitled to.

Have I mentioned lately that the US unemployment system and it's network of "sovereign state programs" does not require they all be "equal"?

The Federal guidelines leave a lot .. one more time .. a lot of room for disparity.

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Aug 19, 2010
Oh S**T You live in California
by: Chris - Webmaster:)

What can I say .. it's early in the morning and I haven't finished my first cup of coffee .. not that that always does the trick.

Here's the unemployment monetary qualifying formulas.

If you disagree with the WBA the state gave you .. you can appeal.

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