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what questions are ased during an interview?

by judy

i was recently let go from my job for lack of work performance. i have been at this company for 9yrs and have a good attendance and on time to work record. i have not had an evaluation since jan. 2008. the company i work for laid off my supervisor and 2 other people in my dept. one person was replaced a few months after the lay off and then quit 2 months later and the replaced again by another person 3 weeks later. due to high volume of claims that we process at work (i alone have 1500 accounts to follow up on) and lack of manpower, i could not keep up with the volume. we had several meetings within the dept and discussed the high volume and the need for help. work could not all be completed on time and due to this i was let go for lack of work performance. i filed for unemployment on 1/05/10. i will have to undergo a phone interview with the edd regarding me being let go due to lack of work performance. i would like to know what kind of questions would be asked of me to determine whether i would be eligible for benefits. also my supervisor took me aside 6 months prior and told me that she is so thankful to have me and that she wishes she can clone me. she told me i was a reliable hard worker. would i be able to defend myself in this interview?

Hi Judy,

They will probably ask you questions about what and why you were fired.

Did the employer make you aware of their expectations?

Were you made aware of the employers rules?

Did you receive warnings about your performance?

Did the employer make you aware your job was in jeopardy if you didn't perform?

Why didn't you perform to the employers expectations?

These aren't the questions I know they will ask .. these are the questions I would ask to determine if you were being negligent in the way you performed the work .. or if there were mitigating circumstances caused by the employer that made your performance the problem.

The interview is a way to investigate who is at fault for the discharge and if what caused the discharge is misconduct .. or not.

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