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What should I do about a work place bully who is effecting my health?

by Chris
(hemet, ca)

I am looking for a new job because of a work place bully who undermines everything I do. However, in front of management she twists the facts and I come out looking like the incompetent. My career spans 36 years and I have never had a problem like this before and have successfully worked with difficult people. But, now my Blood pressure is through the roof, and I can't tolerate this.

My boss tells me to document each encounter with her that is unpleasant, and with doing that I have little time to do my job.

Is my next step with the employer. The employer is a very large company with 60,000 employees. Your answer will be greatly appreciated.

Hi Chris,

I can surmise from your question that the search for a new job is not yielding many results, as you are here on a site which tries to explain, among other things why most people don't get unemployment benefits when they quit a job.

Of course, your next step must be with the employer.

Your problem is with a co-worker and the employer has told you correctly that you must document the incidences.

No time at work? Go home and do it. Open up your personal email and "UNTWIST". Send the email to your boss. Allow the employer the opportunity to
address your documented complaints about the workplace bully.

Does it really matter whether there are 60,000 employees or two? NO.

The reason people don't get unemployment when they do quit is usually for two reasons.

1. Their complaint is .. or appears to be too petty to stand up to a standard of objective scrutiny as to what a reasonable person would do in a similar situation .. or

2. They cannot prove that they provided the employer with the opportunity to take action to fix the problem.

Blood Pressure? Can you prove this woman is causing it? I doubt it. If your career has spanned 36 years .. your age probably has something to do with it.

But this does mean that as a way of bolstering your complaints that you can't correlate a rise in your blood pressure. We all know stress is a factor for many illnesses. Two words. Medical documentation.

I understand that there is a difference between how people feel about a situation (including myself) and what holds up as "good cause" to quit according to law. But if you quit, you must be able to prove it was with good cause.

So, in order to help you understand further how unemployment benefits decisions are made .. I suggest you read the information California provides on the subject.

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