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When can I file a Combined Wage Claim?

I reside in NJ, and I worked in NYC. I've had a claim with NY since Oct 2008 and because of the various extensions and emergency benefits, I continued to collect until the stall in legislation around May/June of 2010. I worked two temp part time jobs between Nov 2009 and April 2010. After legislation was passed to continue benefits, NY paid me on 7/27/10 up to the week ending 7/4/10, then NY sent me a letter telling me to file a new claim. When I went through the NY automated system, it kicked me to a NJ office. I was told that because I worked those two temp part time jobs from 2009 to 2010, that I had to claim in NJ. Problem is, NJ is only considering those NJ wages, and therefore giving me 1/3 of what NY was giving me in benefits. Is this right? Shouldn't this be a case of a combined wage claim? (employee from NJ told me to "get the combined wage claim out of your head".)

No, because a new claim looks at a new base period and I suspect any NY wages are no longer a part of your now current and new base period. If you think some still remain and NJ has made a mistake .. you can file an appeal of the monetary determination.


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Aug 09, 2010
combined wage claim
by: Anonymous

damn... blasted "base period". It's like I'm being punished for working... oh well, thanks so much for your time!

Hi again,

It use to work pretty well when there were jobs to be had, but clearly, the system was not designed to deal with the "never ending recession".

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