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When do I report my earning to unemployment when I do not know my earning?

I recently started a job,which is as an independent contractor for an company. Upon hire, for the first 90 days which is the probational period no taxes will be deducted from earning. But the question still remain when do I report my earning to unemployment if I don't know what my earning are? Upon hire I was given A 1099 form, in which I filled out and turned it back in. An example, the job pays $25 a hour,so to me it is sort of like commission, it is base on the amount of work I do in an hour. If I do 4 hours of work which would amount to a $100, but it is not a given the amount will always be the same. I mean the hourly rate doesn't change, but the amount of work I do will change. Can you help me figure this out?


I think I can. Unemployment expects us to report what we earn for the week we are filing for.

For example:

Let say you are filling out and answering the questions for week ending 12/26/09 (Christmas week) You work 3 hours on Monday, 5 hours on Tuesday, 2 hours on Wednesday, 4 hours on Saturday.

Even though you might not have received the money yet you still need to report that you earned 350 dollars that week.

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