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When filing for unemployment will they know if u have another job besides the one you were fired from if you don't tell them? - Unemployment Fraud

A friend of mine has to file for unemployment just so that she can show her landlord that she got fired from her job. She has gotten another job in the meantime. Will the denial letter state that she is working and therefore cannot collect benenfits?


I think we are talking about unemployment fraud here!!

This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. A landlord cannot make you file for unemployment.

Are you really telling me she filed for unemployment after finding a new job? Is it a fulltime job?

I suppose the determination will either say she is ineligible because you must be at least "partially unemployed" .. or it might reference some kind of fraud or misrepresentation statute if she gave any untruthful information on the application.

Hello everyone, go to your favorite search engine and plug this in .. "report new hires".

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