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When moving what documentation would I need to collect benefits?

by Duke

Next month I will be moving from Wisconsin to North Carolina. I will have to quit my job because of this.

I have asked my company if I can work online from home in order to stay employed, but they have denied that request.

So I figure I should be fine since I am saying I would still work for them if they would allow me too, but they will not.

I will not have a job right away in NC and I would like to collect benefits.

Do I need to prove I have moved first in order to win my case? What kind of documents would I need to win a case, just in case my employer fights this?


Hi Duke,

I don't share your confidence that you would get benefits based on not being allowed to work online ... so I went looking for something else and had to make an assumption that the need for the move is "compelling" .. and yes .. this would need to be proven regardless of whether you made every effort to preserve the employment.

I believe I've mentioned that some states have changed their statutes when it comes to moving to relocate with a spouse or other compelling family reasons.

I couldn't find mention of it at the LIRC except to find information to confirm that without a change .. you most likely couldn't get benefits.

But I did find what I was looking for at You'll want to click the link the says Wisconsin Two-Thirds Incentive Payment. Be patient .. it took a long time to load.

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Apr 06, 2010
Thanks for the response!
by: Duke

It actually looks like this will not matter.

Today I was just told that my department would be dissolved and made into two separate departments.

I will have to reapply for my job next week and re-interview, we all will.

Now if I am not given a new job in one of the newly created position I should have not problem collecting unemployment right?

Even if they use the excuse that i am moving in the future as a way to not grant me benefits?

Any info on this would help as well.

Thanks again I really appreciate the prompt and helpful response!


If they do not hire you for a new position .. it sounds like a lack of work to me.

Better go back to the LIRC and read about "refusal of work" and Suitable work.

Feb 21, 2012
Doleta document
by: Anonymous

In June 2011, I relocated from Nevada to Florida. Per NRS 612.380 Leaving last or next to last employment without good cause or to seek other employment; it stated that I was ineligible to receive benefits when I was laid off from my job here in Florida, at which I was employed from July 2011 until February 2012.

In the event unemployment benefits are denied, I now have ample documentation stating that NRS 612.415 was repealed. Thank you for posting the link. It will be helpful if I need to use it.

Glad one of these links helped someone figure there situation out.

But I always try to figure out what was going on to cause the problem in the first place.

These are the Nevada unemployment regulations.

But when binging .. I found this interesting proposed change to circumvent requalifying loopholes??

Give legislators an inch and they'll figure out a way to hang you with it.


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