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Where can I file a wage complaint in Massachusetts before I quit my job?

by Tina
(Boston, MA, USA)

Where can I file a wage complaint in Massachusetts before I quit my job?

My employer has (2) checking accounts and does daily transfers between accounts on a daily basis. He only keeps enough money in the main operating account to cover whatever checks or electronic payments he makes to his credit cards that he wants to be paid at the time of presentation. Lately there has not been enough money in the account he uses to write company paychecks out of and the employees can't cash their checks. I used to deposit my checks into my personal checking account but can't do that any longer as I never know if they will make it through the company checking account or will be returned NSF to my bank. I can't afford the bank fees that will be charged to me by my bank. I can't afford to keep working for this company without being paid on time and I can't afford to hold my paychecks for my boss's convenience. I live in Massachusetts and need to know if being unable to cash my paychecks are a reason for quitting my job and applying for unemployment. I am looking for another job but need to keep my personal cash flow moving so I can pay my bills.


I realize I changed your question .. but read on as to why.

Please remember the things I think are important to know about unemployment when you quit .. what efforts were made to preserve the job .. did you "exhaust" all reasonable alternatives prior to quitting .. I only say this because this is what I know unemployment departments will want to know when you file for benefits.

So please accept this as something that would be a "reasonable alternative" to preserve your job .. before quitting your job.

File a wage complaint in Massachusetts.

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