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While receiving DUI benefits and working part time, got fired! Should I have contacted DUI right away?

by Aaron

I have this situation! I was receiving benefits, from the previous employer and was working part time at another place. Got fired as I broke company policies.....too late to make things right on that side. Well, continued to file for benefits as they were not interrupted up to a point the current employer called the DUI and told them I was not working there anymore. Lately I had a phone call from someone from DUI and asked me for the reason of separation. I told him that I was not sure, if it was related to my performance. DId not mentioned the fact that got fired on breaking the company policies...did not dare to do it, since the benefits I received after being fired continued for another month or so. I have no idea how this is gonna end but it doesn't look good for me. One thing not clear to me yet, is the fact that DUI benefits travel from employer from employer, even-though I was only part time there. I live in Massachusetts and have been here only for a while..... Any ideas there?

Appreciate your time!

While receiving DUI benefits and working part time, got fired! Should I have contacted DUI right away?

Hi Aaron,

Yes, you should have .. to save you the grief of an overpayment determination if you're really guilty of misconduct.

Unemployment is not something you qualify for only
once. Every time you file to continue benefits, you are asked a series of questions and you must certify, usually under possible penalties for perjury that you have answered all the questions truthfully.

There's usually a question that asks if you worked in that week or if you quit or were discharge in that week you're filing to receive continuing benefits for.

The last separation from a job controls the future of your benefits .. even for a claim established on a qualifying separation from a previous employer.

Yup, I'd say you've got problems .. because you collected in weeks you were unemployed due to your own fault .. You're the one that old me you violated a company policy.

Whether this last part-time employment also had wages in your base period .. I don't know.

But, it doesn't really matter which state you collect from .. this is just how unemployment works. The last separation from a job .. control the remainder of a claim until you satisfy any disqualification imposed.

Expect to be asked to repay the benefits you received after you were discharged unless you can show the termination wasn't for work related misconduct.

The reason why it doesn't sound good to me ..

You admitted to breaking the employer's policy .. and from the sound of it .. you intentionally filled out a continuing claim for benefits a little less than truthfully.


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